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The Wedding of
Molly & Nolan

This Couple had energy and love and their wedding video shows it. Taking place in Cleveland Ohio at the Manakiki Golf Course, it was the perfect, elegant setting. 

The Wedding of
Mackenzie & Michael

This heartfelt wedding took place in Toledo Ohio at the majestic Rosary Cathedral. This was the perfect mix of reverence for the journey they started and celebration of the love they have. 

The Wedding of
Cecilia & Christian

Cecilia and Christian are such a beautiful couple and their wedding was a fairytale. I am so glad I got to capture these moments. The way their family celebrated and the love they all had was a joy to witness

The Wedding of
Alicia & Max

Childhood sweet hearts, this wedding was truly special. The love between Alicia and Max is so clear and their wedding was a perfect celebration of it. Watch this if you love baseball as much as they do!

The Wedding of
Luke & Laura

Luke and Laura were childhood sweetheart and their wedding was the perfect summer day. Hosted at the Stables in Whitehouse Ohio, their celebration was elegant and youthful. There was an energy and sincerity to them as well as their guests. 

The Wedding of
Tamara & Andrew

This heartfelt wedding took place in Toledo Ohio and was intimate and beautiful. Tamra and Andrews's love for each other was super apparent and their wedding video was a blessing to create.

The Wedding of Sheri and Tyler

Tyler and Sheri held their beautiful wedding at Crimson Lane in Ada, Ohio. This gorgeous venue was the perfect backdrop for an even more perfect day. Their wedding video turned out absolutely wonderful. 

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The Wedding of

Kevin and Anna

This beautiful wedding took place in Findlay Ohio. Anna and Kevin are an amazing couple and  it was such a fun time working with them!  

The Wedding of Jared and Abby

Jared and Abby, what an incredible experience working with them. Their love and commitment to each--other  before God was Inspirational to say the least! 

The Wedding of Allie and Nazareth

Allie and Nazareth wanted a more fun wedding video, something that highlighted their romance but also the way they love to have fun with their friends and family.  I incorporated both elements and the resulting wedding video turned out amazing. 

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