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You contact us with all your dreams for the day! We get back to you within 24 hours! We check to see if your date is available, send over our pricing guide, and try and get a call scheduled!

booking us



consult call

We find it is always a great idea to do some form of call before booking, we love to get to talk to you and get to know your unique story. This helps us figure out exactly what you are looking for and how we can best help you! It also gives us a chance to hear any questions or concerns you might have and make sure we are providing the best experience.

So, we just had an awesome call, you are stoked to get your date locked in and you tell us you want to book! We send over an online proposal with a pricing breakdown, contract, and online payment options! This lets you keep track of everything easily and yes, we do accept credit cards! You can make your payments there and sign online as well and then bam! We get to work with you to create some magic! 



While you are planning everything for your wedding, we are there for whatever you need! We have been to a lot of weddings and get that it can be overwhelming to plan everything! While we are not wedding planners or coordinators, we do our best to offer advice and help with any questions as they come up. We will do two planned calls before the wedding. One is a brainstorming call where we can talk about all your amazing ideas and how we can bring them to life. The second call we try to schedule a few weeks out from the wedding and we go over all the stuff you have planned and make sure we have a rock-solid timeline put together!

wedding day


It is finally here! Your wedding day! By this point we are ready to rock and roll and we are your go-to people to help make sure your day is as smooth as possible. We always want to ensure that you have the best day possible with tons of fun and end it all with beautiful images 


gallery/film delivered

It takes us between 8-10 weeks to get out our films and galleries. We always want to ensure we are delivering the best work and that can sometimes take time, we go through everything multiple times. Also, life happens and occasionally emergencies or things come up! All our photos and videos are delivered in high-quality online galleries where you can send them to your friends and family, download them, or order beautiful prints!



  • Do you have a travel fee?
    Yes! For weddings or shoots within a 3 hour drive we normally ask for a 50 cent mileage rate. For trips within the 3-6 hour range we also ask for two nights at a hotel and mileage. Two nights is always good so we can get there the day before and leave the next day, that lets us be as present as possible on your day and also well rested and prepared. For destination weddings we normally ask for a round trip plane ticket or two depending on the package, and then three nights of lodging. This allows for us to arrive two days before the event in case there is a delay while flying and it allows us to make sure we don't miss it!
  • Is there a deposit to book you?
    Yes! We normally ask for 30 percent of the payment up front as a deposit. This lets us know you are serious about working with us and we reserve your date just for you!
  • Do you backup our photos and video?
    Yes! We always shoot with two cards so that we get two copies of all the photos! After the wedding we make sure to put the photos and videos on two hard drive so we have a backup version! We also backup photos to the cloud just in case.


Photography Packages

Our photography pricing starts at $2600 for six hours of coverage. All photography packages include an engagement session, brainstorming call, timeline consultation, and a beautiful online gallery with unlimited downloads. We also offer film photography as well!


Video Packages

Our Videography pricing starts at $3200 for six hours of coverage. All videography packages include high-quality audio, a brainstorming call, a timeline consultation, and a beautiful online delivery with downloads. We also include raw footage from the ceremony in each package! For those that want a little extra something you can add on super 8 or our camcorder coverage as well!


Photo and Video package!

Our Photo and Video pricing starts at $4200 for six hours of coverage. All packages include high-quality audio, a photographer and a videographer, a brainstorming call, a timeline consultation, and a beautiful online delivery with downloads. We also include raw footage from the ceremony in each package. 

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